Review submissions

If you are an artist (or representative) wanting to be reviewed on this site, please note the following:

1) EPs and albums only, please.  I am not interested in doing singles reviews, which I find redundant when listeners can stream the single and judge for themselves in the time it takes to read a review.

2) I cannot guarantee you will get a write-up.  The reviews I post at present are releases which I have personally found interesting and exciting, though I may consider doing “round-up” posts in the future if I get a lot of submissions.

3) Unlike some blogs, I will never charge a fee for reviews.  I am available for hire if you’d like me to write promo copy and am always grateful for donations to help keep the site running, but anything with the word “review” attached to it needs to be independent and objective, with no conditions or transactions attached.

4) I’m interested in all styles, but tend most towards the quirky, the eccentric and the lesser known.  As such I don’t really care how many thousands of streams and media hype spots you’ve had – instead of telling me how great you are, tell me why you’re interesting (good advice when approaching anyone in the industry).

If you’ve read and understood all that, click the button below to send me an e-mail with your EPK and link to where I can stream or download your music.



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